Hi! My name is Joseph Perry, aka Wick. I am an independent game developer and neuroscientist.

I grew up on a blueberry farm in the Columbia River Gorge, graduated from Reed college with an undergraduate degree in biology (with a thesis on the neuroscience of frog mating calls), and now reside in Portland, OR.

I’m a self-taught programmer (in the Blitzmax / Monkey X family of languages — it’s OK, they’re pretty obscure, you probably haven’t heard of them) and manage to get by via copious googling and transmuting bugs into features.

Starship Rubicon is my first published game. You shoot things in a spaceship and end up feeling uneasy about shooting things in spaceships.

I decided at a young age that I’d structure my life towards working towards the problem of artificial intelligence. I think node-based neural nets are cool, but are rooted in an over-simplification of the brain due to historical computational limitations. Thus, I’ve been approaching the problem of AI with a foot solidly in biology.

I believe in using games (and art, for that matter) for doing good in society. To me, this means designing for accessibility, listening to and incorporating diverse voices as well as I am able, and crafting an experience that betters the player’s life.

Making a game with good mechanics is the easy part. The hard part is making something that speaks to the heart.

Email: contact@wick.works

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