Crescent Loom: Build physics-based creatures and weave their brains with simple biological neural networks to explore a player-created ocean ecosystem.

This demo is a work-in-progress; set your expectations accordingly. The downloadable demo (PC) runs a lot faster than this online version, so I recommend using that if possible.


What you can expect:

  •  There’s a short introduction that’ll walk you through making a basic creature, and a help button in the bottom-left that helps explain some of the concepts.
  •  The only “objective” of the game right now is to make a creature that manages to eat enough to lay an egg.
  •  If you save a creature online, it will automatically start showing up in other players’ games. I, uh, don’t really have any filters for what can or can’t show up, so this is going to be a social experiment as much as a technical one. We’ll see how that goes.
  •  Once you get the hang of the basics, probably the best way to learn how to make functional creatures is by loading some of the examples I’ve included. (e.g. “basic”, “jelly”, or “leviathan”)
  •  If you encounter bugs / crashes / confusion – or – you just have feedback, I’d love to hear it! You can comment below or reach out on one of the channels down here —vvv

I’m a one-person neuroscientist-gamedev team. If you wanna follow my progress as I work on this, I post a lot of gifs to twitter, slightly less frequently to the facebook page, and major announcements to the email wickletter. You can also browse and share player-created creatures on the subreddit!

Soundtrack by Kevin Macleod (Uluru)

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  1. LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH! Ive finally made a squid that has a good sense of direction, this games gonna go far. But you should probably add multiplayer.

    • Thanks! Looks like you’ve been pretty busy ingame. If all goes well, I think multiplayer-wise it’ll probably end up looking like Spore — you can run into other people’s creations (and compete like in race mode) but two people don’t ever directly interact (unless you meant local multiplayer?). Real-time remote multiplayer is a huuuuge job and I’m only one person. :p

      Have you checked out the Kickstarter? It’ll determine whether I can keep working on the game, so backing/sharing it is a great way to show support. Also, there’s a subreddit where you can post any of the many creatures you’ve saved!

      • Local multiplayer would make the game really fun, and Ive just checked the Kickstarter. I also just posted my kraken on the subreddit, this game is soooooo amazing!

    • Site’s under heavy load right now. (hi imgur!) It’s working for me now, but I’ll update the mirror (though that version can’t talk to the creature database)

    • Thanks for the heads-up. Haven’t run into that one yet. Do you have any other details? Like, is it a loaded creature or new? What mode are you in? How much to they shrink? All the creatures breathe in and out a little bit, but the change in size shouldn’t be super noticeable.

      • Iv been testing it out a lil bit and what iv found so fare is it usually happens after triggering a update from something like placing, removing parts going live and wiring up its brain but not well playing, it happens in all game modes including the introduction.

    • Whoop, that’s what I get for putting something live without testing it first.
      EDIT: fixed! You can also now resize things with the “[” and “]” keys for those folks who don’t have pageup/down.

    • Thanks!
      Have you taken a look at the introduction? I know that it’s pretty incomplete right now, but that’s sorta what the Kickstarter is for. You can also load creatures (like “axolotl”, or anything over on the reddit) and tweak them to see how they work.

    • Um, heh, yeah, I thought your kraken was super super rad, so I included it in this post on Imgur which a few people saw:
      So I’m not surprised to hear it got copied — someone must’ve loaded it up, made a few changes, and re-saved it. I’d like to someday keep track of who made what, but that’s currently outside of my tech chops.

    • Heck to the yes! Creature interactions like hunting is one of the things people are responding to the most, so it’s high on my priority-list. Are you able to catch the couple of peahens that swim around in the sandbox?

  2. Do you know if it’s possible to inhibit a neurone when there are multiple stimuli? I tried a lot of things, but couldn’t get it to work. If that can work, can it also work when the sensory neurones that activate another neurone are also the ones which, when stimulated together, inhibit it?

  3. I remember playing this game a while back, when there was only one comment and no subreddit and the muscle texture was different. Keep up the good work!

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