My name is Olive Marion Gabriel Joseph Wick Perry.

I am an independent game developer and neurobiology researcher.

I use they/she pronouns.

I grew up on a blueberry farm in the Columbia River Gorge, went to Reed college for biology, and now reside in Portland, OR Oakland, CA. I count geology, fire-spinning, and calligraphy as my hobbies.

I will make games that reveal what is hard to see.

I made Aesthetic after a whirlwind of a weekend of personal revelations, and got it out just in time for coming out day 2019. I think it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever made.

I’m currently working on Crescent Loom, a game about stitching together creatures and their neural circuits. My aim is it to be the best way for anyone to learn about the basics of how neurons are woven together to control our bodies.

Starship Rubicon is my first published game. You shoot aliens in a spaceship and find out that you were the monster all along.

My day job is maintaining Bedsider, a birth control information network, and AbortionFinder.org, a tool for finding the nearest clinic in the U.S. where you can get an abortion.

I believe in using games (and art, for that matter) for fighting power and enriching lives. To me, this means designing for accessibility, having experiences outside of tech/games, listening to and incorporating diverse voices as well as I am able, and crafting an experience that betters my players’ lives.

Thesis: Mechanisms of Synchronization in the Vocal Central Pattern Generator of Xenopus Laevis
Paper: Motor Neurons Tune Premotor Activity in a Vertebrate Central Pattern Generator
Paper: The Gas2 family protein Pigs is a microtubule +TIP that affects cytoskeleton organisation.

Twitter: @wickglyph

Email: contact@wick.works

Itch.io: wick.itch

Steam: wickworks

Newsletter: tinyletter.com/wick

By Olive Perry | © 2020 Wickworks
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