Hi! My name is Joseph Perry, aka Wick. I am an independent game developer and neuroscience researcher.

I grew up on a blueberry farm in the Columbia River Gorge, graduated from Reed college with an undergraduate degree in neurobiology, and now reside in Portland, OR Oakland, CA.

Thesis: Mechanisms of Synchronization in the Vocal Central Pattern Generator of Xenopus Laevis
Paper: Motor Neurons Tune Premotor Activity in a Vertebrate Central Pattern Generator

I’m a self-taught programmer (in the Blitzmax / Monkey X family of languages — it’s OK, they’re pretty obscure, you probably haven’t heard of them) and run Wickworks as a sole proprietorship. I have a slow-burn passion for geology (basalt for life! get outta here, granite) and typography (expressed most often as lamentations when I see games that haven’t changed the default Unity font).

Starship Rubicon is my first published game. You shoot things in a spaceship and end up feeling uneasy about shooting things in spaceships. [ Kickstarter ]

I’m currently working on Crescent Loom, a game about building creatures and their neural circuits. I’m designing it to be the best way for someone to learn about central pattern generators and how brains control bodies. [ Kickstarter ]

I believe in using games (and art, for that matter) for doing good in society. To me, this means designing for accessibility, having experiences outside of tech/games, listening to and incorporating diverse voices as well as I am able, and crafting an experience that betters the player’s life.

Programming a game with good mechanics is the easy part. The hard part is making something that speaks to the heart.

Email: contact@wick.works

Twitter: @wickglyph

Facebook Page: wickglyph

Newsletter: tinyletter.com/wick

Itch.io: wick.itch

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By Wick Perry | © 2017 Wickworks
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