Gorgeous koi, twitchy frogs, and a lotta derp.

So, it’s been an exciting week! We still have a long way to go, but my spirits are buoyed by the fact that people have been making some really amazing creatures (though I think they’re *all* beautiful).

I’ll be sending out weekly digests of creatures, so if you wanna show the world what you can do, head on over to the demo and post a link or screenshot in the comments or the subreddit!


(see them at the Kickstarter update)

What’s up/next:

My first and foremost concern is to keep getting the word out on CL. If we’re gonna pull this off, it’s gonna need a big boost. There’s so much noise out there (re: world on fire) that it’s been more of an uphill struggle than it would be in less interesting times.

However! I am happy to just keep working on development and engaging with people and teaching about hella cool neuroscience! Serenity to accept that which I cannot control, etc.

I’m going to be working on adding introductory levels that guide people through the basics of creating a creature. I uploaded a skeleton version of the first level last night; you just have to weave the brain of a pre-made creature and then control it to have it reach a beacon on the map.

Once I have a bit more of a structure in place, I’m going to load up a Greenlight campaign on Steam — hopefully by the end of this week.

Oh! And I spent like five hours yesterday adding font support to the game! Totally the best use of my time.


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