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Hey, Brooks from Guardian Games here. “Dagda’s Workroom” (can’t link, googling it should work) has full contact info. As reminder, water mechanic suggestion worked as follows: You can place headwaters and unlimited number of adjacent water tiles so long as each new tile is lower than the last. Each water tile can be atop OR replacing the land tile beneath it. Also, critically, if you place a water tile so it has two+ adjacent water tiles? You immediately stop.

Hi Brooks! –

I think I’ll keep river creation how it is (completing mountains lets you place a single river tile next to a peak) but as per your suggestion I’m breaking up the river action into two separate actions. The current action list is:

place 1d6 rock tiles adjacent to eachother
you can’t stack them (the new lava has to solidify first!)
each tile must be touching at least two other stacks

RIVER : deposition
– place up to 1d6 soil tiles adjacent to a single river tile
– you can stack them
– the soil can’t go any higher than one above the river tile

RIVER : advancing
– each new river tile must be level with or lower than the old one
– the river continues to advance until:
> it doesn’t or can’t go downhill
> it hits a preexisting river (it touches more than one other river tile)
> it goes off the edge (there is nothing underneath it)
– you may remove up to a total of 1d6 land tiles in the river’s path (adjacent to a placed river tile)

– place 1d6 life tokens on soil or water tiles that are adjacent to or already contain life

(I’ve retooling all the actions so the die roll is always present and relevant. The grow life mechanic still seems sorta dumb though.)

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