Hi Wick, The new build works on my 1.6ghz netbook :) I have noticed that sometimes the game exits the upgrade screen before I hit enter when I still have coins to spend. And, sometimes the ships guns range gets really short.

Glad to hear it works! Releasing your programs out into the wild is scary.

The upgrade screen thing -> does it immediately exit and go to the next wave or does let you do some stuff first? If it’s the latter, I bet that it just doesn’t flush “enter” keyhits during the game, and stores the event until the next time I check for it- which is during the menu.

The gun range thing -> yeah, right now all shots have some set absolute speed, so when you’re moving in the direction that you’re shooting, you get a doppler-like effect. The next build is going to have shots move at their speed PLUS the speed you’re moving at in their direction, so they’ll have a constant range relative to you.

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