# other projects #

Pyxis – 2014 Mayhem Jam

Anti-breakout. Play as Pandora, keep evil contained for as long as you can. Most polished jam game I’ve done.

[ Google Play ]  [ download (PC) ] [ postmortem ]

As We Are – 2014 Global Game Jam

Short 5-minute puzzle game where you explore a situation from several different character’s viewpoints.

[ play online ] [ postmortem ]

murmur128Murmur – 2013 Global Game Jam

Atmospheric simple endless runner. Play as a biologist fleeing their terrible creation. Spacebar controls heartbeat.

[ download (PC) ] [ postmortem ]

wirehangWirehang Reredux – Personal work-in-progress

Platformer where you primarily move by shooting out springy grappling hooks. I always wanted to be Spiderman.

[ project page ]

geogamethumbGeology Island – Personal work-in-progress

Analogue board game where you play as one of four bickering gods who are trying to craft an island via geological processes.

[ project page ]

# cool things #

Greg Dunn Design – Beautiful gigantic gold-etched neuroscience art.

Extra Credits / Extra History – Excellent video series on all aspects of game design and culture. Branched out to begin entertaining + informative history videos, as well.

Critical Distance – High-quality weekly digest of writing about games, with an emphasis on signal amplification for voices that you won’t find elsewhere.

Strickler’s Laws of GeoFantasy – Being a geologist sounds awesome.


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