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Crescent Loom is a game about creating life. Knit bones, stitch muscles, and weave neurons into a biologically-realistic simple creature. An ocean sandbox awaits, filled the messy creations of other players. Can your creature survive -- and thrive?


While getting his neuroscience degree, Wick struggled with getting an intuitive sense of how neural circuits operated. Diagrams are not good at depicting dynamic systems, and scientific simulation software is impenetrably complex. Crescent Loom is designed to fill this gap; to be an accessible and interactive tool to create biologically-plausible artificial brains. It was Kickstarted in 2017 and entered open development at the conclusion of the campaign, pending additional funding.


  • CREATURE EDITOR -- Design your creature's body plan with a simple drag-and-drop interface.
  • NEUROSCIENCE -- Coordinate muscles by connecting biologically-realistic neurons using an intuitive "loom" inspired by the diagrams in scientific publications.
  • COLLABORATION -- Save, share, and modify creations online.
  • DYNAMIC ECOSYSTEM -- Creatures are saved online and can appear in other player's games. If it performs well, it becomes more common; establishing a basic process of natural selection.


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Selected Articles

  • "Ultimately, though, Perry’s goal is to create a toolbox for those interested in learning about the “building blocks” of neural circuits that’s accurate and friendly enough to cultivate widespread understanding of how brains work."
    - Nicole Carpenter, Kill Screen
  • "You build life out of “bones” and “muscles”. You breathe life into it by giving it a neural pathway to move about. This is certainly a unique way to play a game, and it looks like a massive amount of fun."
    - Serena Nelson, Cliqist
  • "My creature is flailing. It’s a slapdash concoction of tendon and bone, with floppy appendages and mismatched eyes. Its pathetic brain consists of nine—count ‘em—nine neurons. I have armed it with stingers, harpoons, and suckers, but this arsenal has so far proven utterly worthless, because I haven’t yet figured out a much more basic problem-- how to get the damn thing to propel itself through this alien ocean. Meanwhile, a sleek six-flippered monster (dubbed “the Kraken”) darts dangerously near, pulsing with menace. Unless I can find a way to rewire its brain, my creature (the “Mike-crobe”) is headed for extinction."
    - Chris Lydgate, Reed Magazine

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Wickworks is an indie studio based out of Oakland, CA (formerly Portland, OR) that consists of Joseph Wick Perry as its core member. It has been primarily funded via Kickstarter, with two successful campaigns since 2012. Its games are deeply skeptical of violence as a mechanic, and instead focus on how to enrichment and education.

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Crescent Loom Credits

Joseph Wick Perry
Design, Programming, Art, Production & Marketing, Wickworks

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