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12 December, 2014

PC / Mac / Linux


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Starship Rubicon is a modern take on the classic space shooter genre. It’s a smart and challenging rogue-lite that features a unique control scheme, pixel art remixed with real NASA photographs, and an existential crisis about who is REALLY the monster.


In 2012, partway through getting my undergraduate degree in neuroscience, Wick Perry ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to make a small space shooter called Rubicon. In 2014, he partnered with the local game community site Cheerful Ghost to redesign the game, give it a roguelike campaign mode, and publish it more widely. Starship Rubicon was released on Steam and received modest but unanimously positive reviews.


  • Modernized arcade gameplay - Pilot your ship in fast-paced shoot-em-up, featuring a unique approach to arcade physics and controls.
  • Customize your ship - Upgrade your ship with a Tetris-styled hangar bay as you find weapons and items.
  • Randomized universe - Make your way through a diverse galaxy as you encounter interesting new lifeforms. Each play session generates a new path of enemies, allies, and items.
  • Casual roguelike - When your ship blows up, that is the end of the line for that game.
  • Mod-friendly - Since ships and weapons are exposed in simple external .lua scripts, modding and creating your own content only requires a text editor!


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Selected Articles

  • "While the basic gameplay doesn't look like much (Just flying around in space, killing enemies), the way HOW they structured this game and how the movement/navigation feels makes all the difference. The game is perfectly tuned for that “just one more round”-attitude since no stage takes more than 3-5 minutes, which also alleviates my biggest issue with open world games that use similar combat schemes. … Here, every encounter is a fight for life and spoils, incredibly rewarding and equally tense."
    - Toma, NeoGAF
  • "Starship Rubicon, to my surprise, combines the nostalgia of old arcade shooters with the complexity of modern space simulators to create an altogether amazing game that will have you playing, and dying, for hours on end."
    - Jeremy Wong, Bezoned
  • "On the surface, Starship Rubicon looks like a basic arcade style space shooter with some roguelike elements. Underneath there are a lot of fun mechanics that will feel familiar to experienced gamers. It would be easy to simply call this game a mashup of many other titles, but that wouldn’t do justice to what Starship Rubicon delivers."
    - Steven Smith, True PC Gaming
  • "Starship Rubicon is like FTL, Asteroids, and Luftrausers all got busy inside of a wool sleeping bag."
    - Brandon Dayton, Indie Game Bundles

Original Soundtrack
Available from: beatscribe.bandcamp.com.

Development Blog
At: wick.works.

The Kickstarter page for the original Rubicon: kickstarter.com.

About wickworks

Wickworks is an indie studio based out of Oakland, CA (formerly Portland, OR) that consists of Joseph Wick Perry as its core member. It has been primarily funded via Kickstarter, with two successful campaigns since 2012. Its games are deeply skeptical of violence as a mechanic, and instead focus on how to enrichment and education.

More information
More information on wickworks, our logo & relevant media are available here.

Starship Rubicon Credits

Joseph 'Wick' Perry
Design, Programming, Art & Production, Wickworks

Jon Dodson
Publishing, Cheerful Ghost

Jesse Ratterree
Music, Freelancer

Rich Douglas
Music, Freelancer

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