The start of RUBICON!

Hi all!

This is the start of my public development process of RUBICON, an arcade strategy space shooter in the spirit of Asteroids and Mechwarrior. Its development in the immediate future will be determined by the success of the Kickstarter project that I am currently running around to get rolling (here’s a preview link for the curious and/or impatient).

As it is conceived of at this point, it is a game where you modify, maintain, and upgrade both your own ship and that of your AI-controlled squad in between arcade-style combat missions. You have to decide which ships to bring along for each encounter, which matters because some strategies will work better than others for any given challenge. Gameplay itself will be in the simple arcade spaceship shooter style- shoot them, don’t get shot- but with different ship setups having drastically different playstyles. Do you meticulously prepare a trap and gently prod them into it? Do you hit and run, wearing them down ship by ship? Do you just fly in, guns blazing? I want to make a game where all of these are possible, but some will be more effective than others, depending on the situation. It will be up to you to learn your own style and how to adapt.