Wirehang Re-redux

Because I definitely already don't have enough projects going, I've recently started poking around with a super super old demo of mine: WIREHANG RE-REDUX.


The core concept was: "I want a game where I can be spiderman." The game that prompted me to actually start is an old (6+ years ago?) game called Wirehang Redux.


So in highschool I threw together a demo platformer, but it got bogged down in physics and writing my own custom level editor with triggers and graphics layers and all sorts of other homebrewed bells and whistles. I felt the core flow of gameplay had a lot of promise (especially the control scheme: one hook per mouse button), but when I left for college it lay abandoned.


So here we are! The idea has stuck with me for a long time and I'm working with a friend to revive it to get some practice in collaborative programming. This time we're working in Monkey X and using Fantom Engine to tie together maps made in Tiled to the Box2D physics engine. I've never worked with non-homebrewed tech before so it's going to be a learning experience. Also, one of my biggest regrets from the development of Rubicon is that I didn't document the journey, so I'm going to try to get some regular posts out about this. Here's a gif of the current build::


Rubicon Influences


Art Styles - Pixel Art