Starship Rubicon reviews & lets-plays

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Neogaf [1] [2]- Probably my favorite discussion of the game. They picked up on a lot of the micro-decisions and balancing that I spent a fair amount of time designing.

Indie Game Bundles - He loved it, but thought boosting through the gate at the end of a level was unnecessary. There are reasons! It's how I teach people that afterburners are a thing!

True PC Gaming - I always enjoy people trying to describe the control scheme.

Gaming On Linux - I thought that "gameplay like FTL, only you pilot your ship directly" was a good way to put it. Adding Workshop support is actually nontrivial, but if people start making mods I'll totes do it.

8 Bit Horse - Super thorough rundown of the mechanics, called me out on using "desaturated view of Mars with the Valles Marineris clearly visible" for my destroyed Earth. Shhhh, that was a secret...

Voletic - He didn't love it, thought the levels weren't urgent enough and were a bit repetitive.

Indie Game Enthusiast - Decent rundown of features, made some gameplay gifs, did enough homework to notice that the original Rubicon is a thing, and picked up on the Luftrausers influence.

Retrospekt - For the original Rubicon! Michael Towns is a super chill guy.